Swine Week dress up days


The dress up days for this year are similar to the ones last year, and the year before...

Parker McGlothlin, Memorial Staff writer

Swine Week, Edmond Memorial’s annual community service project has been a prominent part of the school’s culture. 

Since 1986, Swine week has been helping the community. The first beneficiary was Robin Orendoff, a student at memorial. They have raised over $6.6m for various charities and individuals.

It all began when a small group of student council members decided that they wanted to make a difference in their school and community.

The themes for this year are class colors, Jersey day, West Coast, Ski vs. Surf and official Swine Week shirt day. Senior Katie Schneider has witnessed the themes since 2016. 

“The best theme I have seen was Toy Story in 2016,” Schneider said. “There was a large turnout from most of the students and staff that dressed up for that theme.”

With most themes being repeated year after year, such as jersey day, students might start to lose interest, so new themes are in order. 

“My favorite theme was the Way Back day, where everyone dressed up like we were in the ‘50s,” Senior Summer Goforth said.

Dress up days are crucial to make the students excited and ready for all aspects of Swine Week, from  assemblies to donations. 

“I usually try and dress up for a few days but it is hard to when the themes aren’t popular with the students.” Senior Marleigh West said.

The students are given the opportunity to vote for a theme, but the options are already set.

“Most of the themes we have are weak and I feel like Santa Fe and North have better dress up days,” said Schneider. “Their meme day has the majority of the student body involved.”

Themes could be improved if students were able to pick exactly what they wanted to do in an online poll. This way more of the student body would want to be involved in the dress up days. 


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