I am not okay with this includes real teen issues

Netflix new release contains teen issues with a thriller twist.

Netflix new release contains teen issues with a thriller twist.

Mariah Vargas, Memorial Staff Writer

Feb. 26, Netflix released the show ”I Am Not Okay With This,” starring Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff. “I Am Not Okay With This” is a show with strange encounters, but it also involves real teen problems.

Lillis and Oleff are well known from the movie “It” where they portrayed Beverly Marsh and Stanley Uris respectively. In “I Am Not Okay With This,” they play the characters of Sydney Novak and Stanley Barber. It is a horrific show that is filled with teenage problems such as parent issues, school stress, figuring out sexuality and much more. The show is about a teenage girl that has many complications in her life. She later discovers she has a unique power. 

Whenever Sydney is angry and lashes out, unexplainable occurrences happen and she can’t control it. It messes with her already difficult life as a teenager with mom issues. This represents that if someone’s emotions are not controlled then it can lead to a bad ending. Her love for her brother is what keeps her together.

Stanley lives down the street from Sydney and clearly has a crush on her. There are complications with their relationship, which is very stressful for the audience because there isn’t an understanding of where they stand. There’s also complications with Sydney’s best friend Dina that makes Sydney question her sexualty, which is a concept a lot of teens can relate too.

While going through her father’s belongings, Sydney’s mom Maggie Novak, tells a story about her dad. There were hints in the story that made Sydney realize her power didn’t just show up out of nowhere, it followed her.

Brad Lewis is the jock Dina falls for, as well as the guy that Sydney despises. When Sydney reveals his secret to Dina and ends their relationship, Brad is determined to ruin her. After getting ahold of her diary and trying to expose her, Sydney could not contain herself, resulting in a mind blowing occurrence that made the show too graphic for my liking.

Besides the powers and mysterious events, the show involves teen problems like parent trouble, anger issues, embarrassment and identity discovery. It even demonstrates a few ways to handle these problems. Sydney has issues with her mom and, later in the show, we can see how they both open up and finally start bonding. She was able to control her emotions by thinking of someone she loved and cared about. Involving teen drama and giving it a thriller twist is what made the show entertaining.

I recommend this show to mystery lovers because it leaves the audience with so many questions. The only part that throws people off is the ending, when Sydney loses control and hurts someone in a way that doesn’t blend well with the plot line. There were a few moments that I thought were a little extra, but overall the show is very interesting and the first episode immediately had me hooked.


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