New beginnings for the culinary team


Rachel Weathers , Memorial Staff Writer

Each school year brings new opportunities for the students of Edmond Memorial and this year marks the first year of the school’s ProStart Culinary program. ProStart allows students to gain real-world experience and skills in the restaurant industry.  This is offered through the culinary classes where students learn basic cooking skills and kitchen management.

Culinary teacher Angela Doss comes to Memorial from Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City. Doss has helped to create the Prostart Culinary program at Memorial. 

At her previous school, the culinary team made it to the national competition in Washington D.C. Memorial’s team consists of senior Sebastian Gu, freshman Sean Futters and juniors Chloe May and Ryan Bussert. The team recently placed second at their competition in Norman, Okla. 

 Culinary students had several events at the beginning of the school year to gain interest in the ProStart program. 

“Northwest Classen had a huge fundraising dinner for 300 people and kids from the class came to help. We also

had a farm to table fundraising event with a chef from Guthrie,” Doss said. “Those who kept wanting to participate were the natural choices for the team.”

For many, electives offered at school are a way to explore interests and find ways to be involved in something.  

“I’ve always liked cooking, so the team was a great way for me to become involved in culinary as well as school,” Futters said. 

The team created a menu for the competition with modern Italian influences. Although the menu went through changes, it was successful in the end. 

“Initially our dessert was going to be a fruit crepe, but we changed it to a tiramisu, which was challenging as there wasn’t an oven and we had to steam the cake,” Doss said. “It was difficult, but I’ve never had such great feedback from the judges.”

At ProStart Culinary competitions, teams must create a three-course meal in under an hour. Due to the time constraint, the team had many practices in preparation for their competition. 

“We practiced two to three times a week. We had to become used to packaging each item that we would bring to the competition and work on making the meal within an hour,” Fetters said.

Members of the team had the opportunity to meet new people and gain a new experience. 

“The team helped me know people from other schools better. Teaming up with Edmond North really helped to build teamwork,” Bussert said. 

Coming off of the team’s recent success, there are already goals being made for the future. 

“As a senior, this was my only year to be on the team, but I would like to see the team make it to nationals in the future,” Gu said. 

Memorial’s recent performance at the ProStart culinary competition shows that a bright future is ahead for the team. 


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