Eminem and Juice WRLD’s collaboration


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Colt Beat, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Despite the ever changing demographic and style of the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, Eminem proved that he should still be considered as a strong contender in the industry with his eleventh studio album release titled Music To Be Murdered By, which was released Jan. 17 earlier this year. 

His album still proves to be relevant, however, with the artist’s hit song “Godzilla” being in the Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart for the tenth week in a row, peaking at No. 3. 

“Godzilla” was recorded in tangent with Juice WRLD, who died an untimely death before the album’s release, where Eminem utilized his talents in the chorus of the song to complement his own fast-paced rapping skills. 

During Eminem’s three verses, he compares his calamitous and cruel past behavior to the villainous Godzilla, obviously not being shy about his personal demons and struggle with alcoholism. In addition, the song speaks to the notion that the rapper will forever hold an impact in the industry, with no equal competitor in his eyes. 

It is also worth mentioning that Eminem rapped 224 words in 30 seconds in his third verse, making it his fastest ever recorded verse.

That said, the song perfectly fits into today’s mainstream Hip-Hop/Rap style, with its compelling bits, usage of audio effects and fast nature. Comedical lyrics and melodolic chorus only enhance the song’s value. 

In the song’s sense, Eminem spits fire, considering his crazy good rap skills and the fact that he compares himself to Godzilla.