Traveling during the Coronavirus


Hailey Paddock, Memorial Staff Writer

Starting in March until August students considered that time to be summer break or a very long spring break. The Coronavirus put an end to any type of social interaction until May, even after, interaction was at the bare minimum. Most vacations and cruises were canceled until restrictions were lifted, although it varied from state to state. 

Edmond Memorial senior Allie Schein went on two trips this summer. While going through Kansas, Schein found the restrictions very similar to Oklahoma’s, but Colorado was very different.

“Some stores required masks, some didn’t. In Colorado, the state was extremely strict with their Corona procedures.” Schein said. 

In Colorado, masks were mandated state wide and depending on the size of the building, only a certain amount of people were allowed in. Schein and her friend went to Vail for the day to go shopping and they required masks not only inside, but outside as well.

“From what I could tell a lot of people had traveled to Colorado, but I think people mostly drove RVs or camped out because the hotel we stayed at wasn’t super busy,” Schein said.

Most outdoor tourist attractions were open. Since Colorado wasn’t a hot spot, Schein did not feel like she needed to quarantine once she came home.

On Schein’s second trip, she flew with Southwest Airlines to Washington. She said masks were mandated in every airport she was in.

“No masks with vents were allowed, and you had to wear them above your nose. Also, every middle seat on the airplane had to be empty unless you were with a family member,” Schein said.

Seattle-Tacoma airport was packed, but Phoenix and Will Rogers were empty. Overall, the airports were not any cleaner than before, along with people not social distancing. 

Teacher Regan Killackey took a trip to Colorado and traveled through New Mexico. He said he felt a lot safer than he does in Oklahoma. They were beyond our time, even in rural areas, by taking extra precautions. As he recalls the mask mandate was not set, but everyone was wearing masks.

Community member, Brandi Perkins traveled to Disney World for a family vacation. To her surprise it was pretty much empty and there were no lines. Every ride was sanitized after each person climbed off, along with temperature checks required. Perkins said that they put petitions between individuals in the rides and she found it claustrophobic. 

As the Corona virus continues to spread, the protocols need to be taken even more seriously. Wear a mask, be socially distant and stay sanitized. 

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