Power of Tik Tok trends

Mary James, Memorial Editor


Tik Tok is nothing new and neither are the popular trends that came along with it. Some trends are more popular than others and some are more toxic than others. Last month, Edmond Memorial was actually a part of one of the many trends, the fake Instagram accounts. 

This trend was all over many peoples For You pages, where someone who possibly goes to your school or not can make an Instagram account to get the newest gossip or “tea” on the student body. The person that makes the Instagram accounts then follows the students of that school and begins to post things asking for the latest drama. 

Memorial had three Instagram pages made, all three had many things in common. The Instagram pages were named a ltea, burn book and a shade account and they all followed people who attended Edmond Memorial. 

“When the accounts followed me I was nervous because I didn’t want anyone to take it seriously and start talking bad about one another,” senior Charlotte Lance said. 

Trends such as this one can be very destructive and hurtful because the sole purpose of these accounts is to create and spill drama between the students. Thankfully most of the students didn’t respond to the accounts when they asked for “tea,” but some of the posts made were very hurtful and inappropriate. 

“At first I thought the people running the accounts went to Memorial, but then I realized they weren’t putting in their input they were just basically agreeing with all the comments,” junior Michael Hurley said.

Although some of the posts were hurtful, the users of the accounts never once really put an opinion on anything. That set the idea off in quite a few students that the user wasn’t a student at Memorial, then the three accounts began to argue on a post and one of the accounts admitted to not even living in Oklahoma. Not only did the accounts make posts they also commented weird things on students’ Instagram accounts.

“I honestly think whoever made up the trend is very smart but it’s scary that the internet can gain that much power so quickly,” senior Ariannia Phillips said. 

Tik Tok is one of the most influential social media platforms for GenZ and the fact that even one small trend was able to reach Edmond Memorial is wild.

“My opinion is that the accounts are pathetic and people shouldn’t spend their time gossiping,” Lance said. 

Overall Tik Tok is very powerful in today’s generation and although the trends can be fun to partake in some are truly just a waste of time. Two of the Instagram accounts have revealed they don’t live in Oklahoma and all of them haven’t posted in some time. Hopefully, Edmond Memorial won’t be placed in another toxic trend again. 


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