Keeping Bulldog energy alive


Edmond Memorial crowd watching a boys basketball game with an apparent lack of interest.

Mary James, Memorial Editor

With the lack of socializing COVID-19 allows us at Memorial, school spirit and liveliness within the school can be very dull and boring. As many would agree, due to COVID-19 school is not the same but as a student body it is our job to keep the energy in the school alive. 

“It can be hard to pay attention at times since the school feels so boring now,” sophomore Kabl Kahkesh said. Class sizes have drastically changed from a normal 20 to 25 kids per class to about 8 or 12. Although this may be better in some cases, it is very unfamiliar and strange to most. Students also wear their masks the entire day at school, which has made the students much less talkative throughout the day and makes it harder for teachers to really connect with their students. 

“I feel like a bunch of students don’t want to participate anymore in school events because it’s not as big as it used to be, which is sad because some things are tradition to Memorial,” senior Brooklyn Courtney said. 

Despite all the conditions COVID-19 makes us follow for school events they are still very fun, Memorial has attempted everything they can to try and make sporting events and other activities as normal as possible.

“I  really look forward to Friday nights because of the games and love the feeling of cheering on the Bulldogs but now the student section is barely fifteen students,” senior Rylee Wheelwright said. 

A huge part of Bulldog tradition that we don’t have the opportunity of having this year are assemblies. We didn’t do the first day of school assembly which has been a Memorial tradition for years now. Since we don’t have assemblies a majority of the student body wishes we had something similar like outside assemblies or online. Other events we didn’t have were the after school activities for howdy week, which are usually fundraisers for Swine Week. 

Overall, Bulldog energy should be at it’s all time high during times like these. Not only does it affect the school, it affects the community. By starting school, we can make a change in other places.

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