“Wonder” is the only thing on my mind

Rachel Weathers , Memorial Editor

As soon as the clock hit midnight on Oct. 2, a much awaited new single from Shawn Mendes was released. Earlier in the week, a tweet surfaced on Mendes’ account with the words “what is #Wonder.” This instantly created a buzz around the internet as fans anticipated for some sort of announcement. An hour later it was revealed that “Wonder” would be the title track and first single from his new album set to release Dec.4. 

“Wonder” is full of emotion and contemplation. Mendes opens the song with his signature smooth vocals and from the first lyrics, “I wonder if I’m being real, do I speak my truth or filter how I feel,” it’s clear that he is opening up and reflecting on a more personal level than ever before. 

More emotions come through as the song progresses to the chorus which repeats, “I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you.” The lyrics are simple, but convey the meaning of the song as it progresses to pinning and the different feelings surrounding a relationship or the possibility of one. Many believe this is in reference to his girlfriend, fellow singer, Camila Cabello.

Mendes includes an important lyric in “Wonder,” which truly shows his vulnerability moving in a new direction. “I wonder, when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel it makes me less of a man,” many male artists tend to not be incredibly open in their songs so this was a nice change as opposed to many other mainstream pop songs that seem like there are only surface level emotions in the lyrics. 

The song features layers of steady drums and guitars throughout the track, a classic component to Mendes’ songs. The theme of contemplation is very apparent as many lines begin with “I wonder.” This does seem a bit repetitive at first, but once one listens to the whole song it ties in with the entire introspective theme and works out well. However, it would have been nice for more variety in terms of lyrics for the song to make a greater impression. 

An impressive and impactful part of the song comes near the end as the track has grown in intensity and Mendes crescendos into a belting chorus. At this moment in “Wonder,” every emotion that has been building up in his voice comes to a new height that the entire song has been leading up to. This part of the song is vibrant and melodic. The percussive elements flow into the closing of the song and end the track nicely. 

The release of “Wonder” also came along with a new music video that is completely different from any of Mendes’ previous videos. In the video, there are several scenic moments with forest and cliff details. This video seems new and experimental for his upcoming fourth album as there were dancers featured and Mendes himself even had choreography, which is not present in any of his past music videos. 

This signifies the start of a new era and more music to come from Mendes. The song demonstrates his evolution as an artist from a vine breakout star to a global sensation. 


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