Swine Week woes

Edmond Memorial chose Keaton’s Kindness Foundation (K-Club) as this year's Swine Week recipient.

Edmond Memorial chose Keaton’s Kindness Foundation (K-Club) as this year’s Swine Week recipient.

Rachel Weathers, Memorial Editor

Since 1986, students at Edmond Memorial have come together to raise money for numerous individuals and organizations. Despite the abnormality of the past year, the 2021 Swine Week retains the exact mission it has always held, of aiding the community through philanthropic endeavors. This year’s proceeds will benefit Keaton’s Kindness Foundation (K-Club). This organization is dedicated to spreading kindness to all with an emphasis on bringing joy to pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Throughout the school year, there are typically many events sponsored by the Student Council to raise funds for the recipient. However, due to COVID-19 several activities have been altered or canceled to allow for social distancing. These changes have been expected, but this has urged students to find innovative ways to support the organization. Even with the pandemic, it is still of the utmost importance for the school to do all that can be done to support the organization and bring them closer to their goals.

In the past year, many events and aspects of one’s daily life have turned virtual. This has been true even for Swine Week. New events have been designed through online platforms and the annual auction could even be attended virtually as well as in person.

Swine’s Gambit, Swine Week’s first virtual chess tournament, has been created and will take place Sun. March 7 on the online chess platform, Lichess. There is a $5 fee to participate which goes directly to the recipient and each time a student beats a faculty member $10 will be donated. This gives those who wish to take part in virtual events the opportunity to still participate in Swine Week festivities from the comfort of their own home.

The decision to create virtual options for events that typically take place in person has been vital as it shows that health and safety have been a priority. It allows a sense of normalcy to be created, while still keeping the reality of the pandemic and the importance of social distancing in mind.

Each year, students countdown the days until the hallways are covered in decorations that correlate with that year’s theme and the antics of the week are in full swing, complete with daring tasks in order to raise as much as possible. Because much of this comes from the assemblies, which have not occurred this year due to COVID-19 guidelines, many have wondered how greatly Swine Week would be impacted. Students are still looking to do their part to benefit the recipient and keep the tradition of changing the lives of others aflame. 

With some adjustments, students will still be able to attend Swine Week assemblies and learn more about K-Club. Each event will be held after school with a capacity of 400 people including the enforcement of masks and social distancing. This allows the school to truly do all that can be done in order to fulfill the needs of the organization, so they can continue accomplishing their goals.

Many aspects of Swine Week have had to be changed, but these alterations and the current circumstances, have allowed the mission of Swine Week to be refocused upon. This year, the techno dance and the porky pig shenanigans may be missing, but there is so much more to the week that is still taking place. Most importantly there is the opportunity to make an incredible difference to K-Club and allow them to spread compassion to those battling pediatric cancer. The funds raised through Swine Week will go towards making care packages, donating Lego sets to children’s hospitals and renovating the Rankin YMCA.

By supporting K-Club, Memorial has the ability to keep Keaton’s mission of being courageous and kind ignited. This is incredibly meaningful as the school has the capacity to change the world for others and generate a lasting impact.

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