Meet Lisa Fore


Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Staff Writer

As a new school year begins, students are meeting their new teachers. Lisa Fore is one of many new English teachers this year at Santa Fe. Fore started teaching in 2008 and recently transferred from Oklahoma City to the Edmond Public Schools district.

“Edmond sets a really high standard for learning and I’m excited to be a part of that,” Fore said.

Fore is not only a teacher, but is also a former student of Santa Fe high school and was a part of the class of 2000. She went to college at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma. She received her English education degree at the University of Oklahoma.

The initial reason she wanted to become a teacher was because of her mom, who was also an English teacher.

“She got genuine happiness and joy out of helping a kid,” Fore said. “Knowing she was part of that made her feel very fulfilled and I wanted to feel that same way.”

During her time in high school, Fore’s favorite subjects were Art, English and Biology. When it came time to decide what to teach she initially began working towards an art degree but ultimately switched to English.

“I picked English because it has always been really natural for me,” Fore said. “I really love reading and writing so it’s a good fit.”


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