Vaccines our savior from the Pandemic

The COVID-19 vaccine has helped many people and is important to protect yourself and other people.

The COVID-19 vaccine has helped many people and is important to protect yourself and other people.

Jaqueline Newcomb, Memorial Staff Writer

Through the ups, downs and loops of this pandemic, things seem to be improving with over half the country vaccinated and mask mandates being lifted. While some are happy to be seeing these changes, there are many views on these. 

Vaccinations have been used in the past years to stop many scary viruses and have protected the public multiple times. As soon as every baby has entered the world they have been immediately protected. There is no disagreeing with the fact that vaccines are important. 

Many people out there believe that this COVID-19 vaccine is not the best idea, there are also many who believe that everyone should be required to be vaccinated. It is important to receive the necessary vaccines to not only keep oneself safe but for everyone’s safety as well. 

There are some schools that have started requiring vaccines for students. This could be a problem because many people want to have a choice and not be forced to have a vaccine. There are, of course, numerous views on the subject.

Vaccines are crucial to being a part of society and protecting oneself. I personally know this because my grandfather suffered from Polio. He has told me how scary it was, and to be stronger than ever. He is strong and always is outside. When the vaccine came out he was thankful that people could be vaccinated and protect themselves from the virus.

I am indescribably joyful that we as a society have an opportunity to wipe out this virus for good. We have all been through so much of an insane lifestyle and this has taken a big toll on everyone. Some may not realize what kind of world we are living in, and this virus is going to be a part of history. That eventually means something so much more than does now. We should be grateful for this vaccine. It may have issues at the start, but I believe that this is what is going to put a stop to the spread of COVID-19.

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