A fantastic win by the EMHS eSports team


Some of the Esports players that are on the team that recently won their state competition.

Ryder Richardson , Memorial Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial High School’s eSports team won the first ever state contest for League of Legends and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and achieved third in Rocket League. They have had a very successful season this year and this was their first ever win.

“The opportunity for students to compete, engage, and earn scholarships is what convinced the board to approve the course and add the program.” eSports coach Kate Swearingen said. 

Junior Devin Roberts won a $10,000 scholarship through his involvement in eSports 

“When it came close I was slowly gaining apprehensive and almost lost,” Roberts said.“I probably would’ve just given up.” It was the roll of the dice that won him state.

Junior Cody Homer plays on the League of Legends. The amount of time and effort they spent practicing and scrimmaging in preparation for state is primarily the reason they were able to win state this year.

“An important reason for our victory is due to our good teamwork and how coordinated we are with how we play,” said Homer. 

One can also learn a thing or two from being on the eSports team, like the importance of communication, staying calm, and putting in maximum effort no matter what. But these wins don’t just come out of the blue.

“Two first place wins don’t just happen overnight, but require hours of dedicated practice and pushing our limits to see what we can come together to do,” said Swearingen.

Swearingen decided to coach the eSports team to give the players a chance to succeed in their arena. This is currently their second year of eSports in Oklahoma. COVID-19 has also affected the eSports team in many ways including the ways that they practice, but they worked it out. 

 “They ended up having half of the kids practicing from home daily, so it was not ideal for them,” said Swearingen

The eSports team has great potential for new ways to obtain scholarships and to bond with other classmates. If you are interested in playing competitive video games, this would be your chance to put your gaming skills to the test.


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