Senior events in the midst of a pandemic


Students follow COVID-19 regulations even on prom.

Rylee Ingram, Memorial Staff Writer

In September, all senior events were already set in place and planned until the senior representatives were told they were not allowed to do the events that were previously approved. By February, senior sponsor Christy Nieves and the rest of the senior class officers were able to make new arrangements for the senior events to take place and they were back on track. 

“It was very frustrating to hear that we had to replan our events although I understand,” Nieves said. 

Constant planning and preparation goes into school events, especially now in the midst of a pandemic. The preparation consisted of making sure to maintain social distancing, all students attending the event wear masks and along with accommodating for food allergies and other situations that must be accounted for.

“With planning our events we must consider all aspects of what could happen,” Nieves said.

Typically, all of the events are planned in May of the previous year and from there the senior officers are told whether or not they can follow through with those events. This year the school was not able to have sports assemblies, a normal Swine Week or banquets for the sports, however the officers have worked diligently in organizing the Senior Sunrise, Senior Picnic and graduation which are the few events that have been able to happen. 

“We spent over an hour just sitting down talking about what we can do for graduation,” senior class president Kristen Nieves said. 

Every summer the senior representatives design and sell the senior class shirt and the money from the sale goes to paying for the graduation. This year they were able to sell 100 year shirts for the senior class to raise more money. Nieves also sells announcements that the officers designed and that money pays for students who cannot afford their caps and gowns.

“No student should have to worry about paying for graduation,” Nieves said. 

Donations are another huge part of the funding that goes towards the events. Currently, donations are being made for the senior picnic and the money is going towards buying food and paying for activities. 

“There will be grand prizes and items that have been donated to use in dorms or apartments,” Nieves said. 

Even though this senior year hasn’t been the same as in the past, the senior officers have put in countless hours to put this together. This senior year hasn’t been normal but definitely one to remember. 

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