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Hannah Prentice
Hi, my name is Hannah Prentice. I am a senior at Edmond Memorial and have been blessed enough to be chosen as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Memorial division of the Ruff Draft. I have been on staff for two years, with 2018-2019 being my third year. Within my two years on staff I have received numerous awards such as a Marshall Gregory Award of Merit, as well as a first place, a second place, and three third place awards at our state competition my sophomore year, and a Marshall Gregory Award of Excellence, as well as one first place award, two second place awards, and one third place award at our state contest my junior year. One fun fact about me is that I was born with a genetic abnormality known as brachydactyly type D (which basically means my thumbs kind of look like toes) but for years I believed that my thumbs looked that way because I religiously sucked my thumb as a child and didn’t know the truth of why my thumbs looked like that until I was a sophomore in high school; really all it caused was a slight lisp during my childhood. I am so extremely excited to finish my high school career as part of the newspaper staff and see what I can achieve this year!

Hannah Prentice, Memorial Co-Editor-In-Chief

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