Ruff Draft

Hello! My name is Natalia Mora. I am a junior staff writer at Edmond Memorial High School, returning for my second year on staff.

I currently work with the Ruff Draft to publish accurate, high quality stories on the triad of Edmond high schools and the community that envelops it. I hope to produce articles effectively and meaningfully during my time with this establishment, striving for the highest degree of journalistic integrity in each keystroke.

Last year at Ruff Draft, I landed 4 first-place plaques at the OSM Spring Media Monday Annual State Publications Competition, including News Reporting in all divisions.

I also participate in independent online journalism courses with edX, research with the College Board’s Capstone program, and post on a personal blog every Tuesday about current events. I aspire to major in journalism and write on politics, economics and world relations professionally.

In my free time, I take a deep interest in birds. I enjoy exploring a diverse range of species in the area via birdwatching and personal study. I even care for two of my own, Australian parakeets named Persephone and Echo. I also enjoy reading classic literature, following psychedelic indie music, and crafting complex origami projects.

Natalia Mora, Memorial Staff Writer

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