Ruff Draft

Rachel Dallalio
Hey! I’m Rachel Dallalio, I am a senior at Edmond Memorial High School and I am also a first staff member for the Ruff Draft. I like be involved in my school by taking part in the Edmond Memorial Marching Band program and being a crazy ginger in the stands as I dance. I play the flute, piccolo, saxophone, and piano to really satisfy my urge to have fun. As well as music, writing takes up most of my passion because words have so much power; especially the power to change. I grew up in Hilo, Hawaii and then moved to Edmond, Oklahoma about seven years ago which was the most drastic change of atmosphere I have ever experienced. This is where my work ethic started because the locals in Hilo are always strong and passionate about all they do, which is how I grew up; this is how I always plan to create everything I write.

Rachel Dallalio, Memorial Staff Writer

Sep 21, 2018
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