Everyone loves a good picnic


The Foreign Language Clubs had a picnic Sept. 20 at hafer park.

Lathan Pearce, Staff Writer

Monday, Sept. 20 the French, German, International Hispanic Student Association and Spanish Honors Society clubs (The Foreign Language Clubs) had their picnic at the far pavilion at Hafer Park. This picnic has been a tradition for many years for students who participate in the Foreign Language Clubs.  

“We are having games from French and Spanish-speaking countries, making s’mores and playing music,”    

Spanish teacher Carina Plett said.

The event had many activities for members of the Foreign Language Clubs, making for a great time. Only pizza was provided to eat while they participated, since cultural food was not on the forefront for this event. The foreign language clubs hope to have food related events if COVID allows.

“The reason for the picnic is to promote and enhance international awareness, cooperation, cultural diversity and dialogue among students of different nations and American students,”  Spanish teacher Patricia Pinto said.

It’s a very important event to the Foreign Language Clubs. The picnic has been around for so long that some teachers here have gone to the same event years ago as students.

“This picnic is a great opportunity to meet outside the school setting and just have fun getting to know the teachers and other students,” said Plett.

This picnic is a great chance for the members of the different clubs to get to know each other better. Edmond North also attended the event for the first time, so there were even more opportunities for students to meet other members of the Foreign Language Clubs. 

“Other events the Foreign Language Clubs plan on doing in the future are community service, a haunted house, bowling, movie night, ice skating, scavenger hunt, etc,” said Pinto.

There are still many exciting events these clubs plan on doing in the future. Anyone interested in the Foreign Language Clubs should consider joining.  

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