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Meagan’s milestone

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Megan Edwards receives the title of DECA Vice President.

This year Edmond Memorial High School’s DECA committee enjoyed a successful trip to state. Among the many winners who attended the event, junior Meagan Edwards walked away with the remarkable title of DECA vice president. 

The term “DECA” floats around the school hallways; however, for many, this term is only connected to the cookies it sells. Most might not know what the members do, the significance of the committee or what it means to be the vice president of it all. 

“DECA is an organization that helps young teenagers learn how to manage a business, become an entrepreneur and [manage] finances,” Edwards said. 

This committee has helped many students learn leadership skills for both business and life. Many students are members of DECA, meaning that Edwards had competition when it came to running for VP.

“I remember just being in a state of shock,” Edwards said. “I remember thinking no way, I actually got it.” 

Although her astonishment is understandable, many did not find it surprising due to all the hard work and effort that went into the campaigning process, as well as the person she is as a whole. According to her DECA adviser Tammy Graves, Edwards was more than worthy of earning the nomination. 

“Meagan is very hardworking, very organized, dedicated, passionate … she follows through with everything she does,” Graves said.

In addition to her influence as a DECA student, she also shines her light outside of the classroom. Student Alex Myers has collaborated with Edwards within DECA and over time has become acquainted with who she is beyond the organization. 

“Edwards is very respectful and approachable inside and outside of DECA,” Myers said. “She never shies away from a challenge and is very welcoming to new members.”
    Because of how esteemed it is to be a member of this committee, the campaigning process was just as conscientious. 

“She had to do a big long application, then go to a screening interview,” Graves said. “Then, she had to prepare a budget for all of her campaign and a campaign booth…she had to write a speech.”

Although all of those things seem difficult to navigate, Edwards knew the most difficult part of the process from her perspective.

“My biggest challenges were probably doing the socializing of the campaign process,” Edwards said.

She said that she had to repeat herself numerous times to different people for long periods. Doing this made them become acquainted with her and her mission in an effort to convince them to vote for her. 

This process might have been relentless, but others saw state from a different perspective, making the time spent campaigning worth it.

“I had an overall great experience at state; it was so fun to get to know my fellow DECA members better and compete in my events,” Myers said.

Through all her hard work and dedication, Edwards earned the title of DECA Vice President, proving that hard work can really pay off. Although the process of running might have been enough for Edwards to take a break, her work is hardly finished. 

“My plans are to expand state DECA as much as I possibly can both in the finance and business world and in the social world,” Edwards said. “I want everyone to know what DECA is.” 

Edwards is not alone in her confidence to spread the word about who she is and her goals for who she will represent. 

“I think she will be a great representation…, and will represent our state on a national level,” Graves said.
      DECA does more than just sell cookies. Edwards proves this through her diligence and perseverance throughout her campaigning process and the character she portrays. She is the state vice president of DECA. 

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About the Contributor
Abby Evans
Abby Evans, Contributing Writer

Hi guys! My name is Abby Evans, I am a junior, and happy to be a first year contributing writer for the Ruff Draft! Outside of school I am a Student Ambassador for the Edmond Public Schools Foundation. In doing this it has allowed me to grow closer to my peers, as well as learn about our Edmond community! Additionally, I enjoy reading and exploring nature! I can’t wait to see what the Ruff Draft will accomplish!