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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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Six summer scenes in Oklahoma

Taylor Brakenhoff
Showbiz Cinema is a popular place to visit in the summer.

As the school year is coming to an end, students and families are starting to make their summer plans. Sometimes people become easily bored, so it is important to have something to do. With stress from a busy day-to-day schedule, summer is the ideal time for relaxation and time to spend freely. Many families leave for vacation, but for the people who are stuck in Oklahoma, here are six places to hang out this summer.

Penn Square Mall is a great place to go shopping with friends as it has many stores for everyone’s style. Some of those stores include Urban Outfitters, Aerie, Dry Goods and soon is going to have a Free People Movement. People can spend hours walking around shopping for new clothes for the summer. And if someone is hungry, they have a large food court with many different places such as Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Starbucks and Popeye’s Chicken. They also have an AMC Theaters if people want to catch a movie.

Downtown Edmond is a great place to spend time with friends outside. They have many different events throughout the year to make fun experiences for family and friends. Some of those events include Heard on Hurd, which is where they have a bunch of food trucks come so everyone can try different foods. Edmond Vibes is a big art festival where many artists sell their work. Downtown Edmond also has the Edmond Railyard, which is home to many restaurants that have wings, pizza, tacos and more. They are also about to add a Roxy’s Ice Cream shop.

Bahama Bucks is a great place to go on a hot day to eat shaved ice or ice cream. They have many exotic and tropical flavors that are fun to experiment with and try out. They also have a wide variety of toppings to put on a snow cone. They have indoor and outdoor seating, so depending on someone’s mood and the weather, there are options.

Showbiz is a very popular movie theater and also includes an area for bowling and an arcade. On the Showbiz website, there is a list of what movies are being shown and their prices. Showbiz is known for showing older movies every Sunday and Wednesday and selling $5 tickets on Tuesdays. Their food options include popcorn and candy for movies as well as hotdogs and nachos. They also have fountain drinks and Icees and their arcade has a variety of games and prizes to win. 

Arctic Edge is a public ice skating rink that is open all year long. Their general admission prices are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and $12 for children under eight years old. They also provide people with the option to rent a training walker for $5. Rental skates are included with the admission. Sometimes their public skating hours change during the hockey season, but they post the new hours every week on their social media platforms.

Mitch Park is a beautiful place to spend time outside. With 160 acres of open spaces, Mitch Park is a great place to go, with many areas to take pictures. Mitch Park has a main trail (2.8 miles long) that flows along the outside edge of the park and an inner trail (1.8 miles long) that is smaller and sits close to the center of the park with more winding turns than the main trail. They also have numerous picnic tables, some under a pavilion, for a nice place to eat outside and talk with friends. On the map, there are two playgrounds shown, both relatively close to the inner trial. 

While Oklahoma City may not be the most interesting place to visit, these are our favorite places with activities for the summer. If someone does not want to spend money on hanging out, they can always hang out at someone’s house, go to a pool or tan. Whether someone is looking to spend some money or save some money, these places are some of the best in the area.

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Taylor Brakenhoff
Taylor Brakenhoff, Contributing Writer
Hi! My name is Taylor Brakenhoff. I am a freshman and this is my first year being a Contributing Writer for the Ruff Draft. English has always been my favorite subject so I joined intro and I'm loving it so far! I also like to be with my friends and family in my free time!
Sophia Bahrenburg
Sophia Bahrenburg, Contributing Writer
Hi! My name is Sophia Bahrenburg. I am a freshman at Edmond Memorial and this is my first year being a Contributing Writer for the Ruff Draft. I joined intro because I enjoy writing. I like to read, play volleyball, and spend time with my friends and family in my free time! I hope to continue my journey with journalism as I go through high school!