Ruff Draft

Ryan is ready to start a new year fresh and new. She is also excited to meet all of the students throughout the years at Memorial.

Welcome to the big dogs

January 31, 2020

Memorial dancer Carissa Duke performs her solo at the audition for the All-State squad.

All-State Star

December 20, 2019

Memorial dancer shines on “World of Dance”

Allie Schein, Memorial Staff Writer

March 13, 2019

Most people only dream of being able to do something they enjoy and love on television. One junior at Memorial who has been a dancer since age three, Treasure Wensauer, was able to live out that dream and compete on the reali...

Madison Rightmire: paintball above all

Makinzy Todd, Memorial Staff Writer

February 15, 2019

Madison Rightmire, a freshman at Edmond Memorial, is not only dedicated to balancing her school work, orchestra and soccer but to top it all off, she is a paintballer and referee at Avid Extreme Sports, a paintballing park loca...


Meet the newest math teacher at Santa Fe

November 8, 2018

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