The rise of yarn: the ultimate hook


Lauren Laundhart

Knitting Committee practices the basics.

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

Thinking about crocheting? Well Edmond Memorial High school has a new club specifically for those wanting to expand their crocheting and knitting limits. The new Knitty Committee is gladly accepting those who want to learn about the arts of crocheting and knitting. 

The Knitty Committee is a crocheting or crafting club for those wanting to expand their artistic horizons. Lauren Laundhart, a senior at Memorial, is the club’s founder. Laundhart has always loved to crochet and she thought sharing her talent with the school student body would be a fitting idea. 

“I want to teach as many people how to crochet, give them a new outlet to be crafty because it gets really stressful [-school does-] and so it’s an opportunity to let people relax and have fun,” Laundhart said. 

Starting a club is not always an easy process, especially having to get permission from the principals and the time to manage it.

“It was a lot of me stepping forward,” Laundhart said. 

 Clubs like the Knitty Committee are always said to require talent, but for this club, participants only need the motivation and time to learn to crochet. However, that comes hard to students. With high schoolers coming back from the previous year, an exceeding amount of pressure weighs on the students, including missing skills and “gaps” of two previous school years. 

Starting a club as a senior for Laundhart proved more difficult with the combatting college preparations and future career paths, so the process of establishing the club was harder than normal. 

Establishing the club was challenging but bringing the club to life was the exciting outcome all created from the idea of the club brought about by Laundhart’s love for crocheting and crafting. With inspiration from a fellow classmate, Laundhart sought out to create a club for anyone interested.  

“I’ve loved crocheting since my freshman year, and I thought since there weren’t many crafty clubs here I thought this would be a really cool idea,” Laudhart said. 

Students like Bella Graham are excited for having a club that welcomes anyone and everyone, whether they are new to crocheting or not. 

“I like how everyone is bonding over the same passion,” Graham said. 

As there has only been one meeting so far, many other students that are a part of the club have said they enjoyed the atmosphere and look forward to the development. The leading opportunities that come with a club like this can help students hone their skills and cultivate a passion for crocheting, which provides opportunities to sell or donate finished products. 


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