Jill Auten: Memorial’s newest bulldog historian


Miller Davis

Oklahoma History teacher Jill Auten

Jamison Joyce, Staff Writer

Jill Auten is a seasoned veteran of teaching who has taught various social studies all over the state of Oklahoma Through her passion for history, Auten works to educate her students on how the world came to be, while teaching them lessons of deeper importance through building strong relationships. This year, Auten is teaching Oklahoma History in the Freshman Academy.

Auten has over a decade of teaching experience, and has taught various different subjects at multiple grade levels.

“This will be my eleventh year of teaching. I spent the past six years at Deer Creek High School, teaching Government and Personal Finance to seniors,” Auten said. “Prior to that I was at Yukon Middle School with eighth graders, Putnam City Original teaching Oklahoma History, and I taught World History in Arkansas where I’m from.” 

Auten is a passionate historian and educator, that passion was fostered heavily during her collegiate career.

“The biggest thing that made me become a teacher happened when I was in college, I changed my major to education because I had a government professor who was top notch,” Auten said. “I became super passionate about all of the changes going on in our government and it was because of him that I wanted to teach the same type of engaging content.”

Auten is excited to pour her knowledge of history into her students this year, but also to teach them valuable lessons about life and friendship.

“I love the content I teach, I’m a true history nerd, but I really want to stress relationship building and how important it is to build relationships with people even if they aren’t necessarily going to be in your friend group, but just to have people surrounding you on your team,” Auten said.

It is clear that Auten is more than capable of being an amazing teacher at Memorial and will impact the lives of her students this year.

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