Memorial’s newest English teacher


Miller Davis

Sophomore English teacher Adam Vogel

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

The new school year has come around and a new round of teachers at Edmond Memorial High School has arrived. Many teachers from the previous year have transitioned over and have made openings for new faces like Adam Vogel. 

Vogel is the new Sophomore English teacher this year and he is more excited than ever to finally begin teaching at Memorial. 

 “I can definitely tell that Memorial is a family-oriented high school, and I like the community feel,” Vogel said. 

Vogel was born in Ohio, moved to California and then finally moved to Oklahoma. Having been living here for 35 years, he graduated from Oklahoma City University and later went back to school at the University of Central Oklahoma to get his Masters degree in Education. After graduating, he went to work at Westmoore High School for 25 years before making the ultimate decision to work at Memorial. 

“I’ve been at Westmoore for the past 25 years and I loved it there. It was a long drive so my motivation for coming to the Memorial was that I heard it was a great school and it’s right down the street from where I live,” Vogel said.

Despite his current career, Vogel had not originally set his sights on teaching high school English.

 “I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was in college,” Vogel said. 

He had been majoring in English but was more interested in Martial Arts at the time until a friend suggested a more fitting job of teaching. Taking that to heart, Vogel decided to switch his majors and finished out in English Education, while still keeping Martial Arts in the mix. 

Vogel has definitely been teaching for a while, but that won’t stop the new interactions and faces he will have to become accustomed to over the course of his new position at Memorial. Vogel is optimistic about the time he will spend here and students are sure to make his stay welcoming.


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