Meet Terri Misialek

Bryson Dilbeck, Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial High School will be introducing a new teacher, Terri Misialek, this year. Misialek will be teaching three different subjects.

“I’m the new business teacher and some of these classes I teach are newer classes that we haven’t had at Memorial before,” Misialek said. “I’m excited to bring finance and career exploration type classes because it is super important to learn about personal finance, taxes, paying for college, and budgeting,” 

Misialek believes that these types of classes are essential to high school students, especially those who have plans of going to college.

“A lot of these skills aren’t learned until after college when you actually need it, so I’m looking forward to bringing that sort of knowledge to the high school students that are actually going to need it when they get to college,” Misialek said.

She wasn’t just drawn to teaching by her passion to teach life skills, she also has ties to Memorial both personally and through others.

“I graduated from Memorial in 2018. Both of my brothers went here, my little sister currently goes here, and our mom taught here for over 20 years,” Misialek said.  “It’s nice to be back on the teaching side of Memorial since I coach cheer and was a student here too.”

Overall, Misialek has a large list of reasons she wanted to come to Memorial. However, she has worked at Memorial before, just not as a teacher.

“I was a coach and I just wanted to be around my athletes more so I looked at becoming a teacher, and like I said my mom was a teacher here for a long time and my sister-in-law used to be a teacher,” Misialek said. “Teaching is something I always thought I would end up enjoying while I was growing up, so I changed career paths last year to become a teacher.”

Misialek is both the cheer coach and a teacher this year at Memorial, and while she has coached for a while, teaching is a completely new experience to her.

“I was a TA (Teaching Assistant) last year so I got to be around the high school and with some students, but this is my first year as an actual certified teacher and I’m excited to be at Memorial for it,” Misialek said.

All-in-all, Misialek is a former Memorial student who is taking on the challenge of teaching three subjects and coaching. 

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