Welcoming Wheeler


Miller Davis

Kicking off the 2022-2023 school year, Brandi Wheeler makes an impressionable opening to students and staff with her new position as the head principal of Edmond Memorial.

Hailey Paddock, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After Edmond Memorial High School said their goodbyes to previous principal Dr. Tony Rose the bulldogs began adjusting to this school year’s principal, Brandi Wheeler. The students and staff are acclimating fairly well so far. 

“She is awesome with the staff and she is great with the parents,” Wheeler’s secretary Linda Keller said. 

Being the head principal differs from Wheeler’s previous job as the principal of the Freshman Academy since she does not have direct interaction with the students every day.

“I still get to say hello and all those different things, but I have a lot more adult interaction now,” Wheeler said.

Freshman Academy principal Carrie Higdon and Keller both agree on the fact that Wheeler is a team player and is supportive of the faculty.

“She was out for two days and there were just two principals here, and we had a lot of substitutes, it was a lot to handle,” Higdon said. “She had Crumbl cookies delivered to us, that may be cheesy and corny, but it was so thoughtful of her.”

Since Wheeler has been in her new position, differences in the school have been made for the better. She has made ID wearing more convenient considering now students can wear them on their bags and the administration is interacting more with the students. Wheeler has also been taking advantage of being more involved with the school.

“I’ve been working with the student council and different types of student bodies. It is kind of neat, it is like a different aspect of being a principal,” Wheeler said.

According to Hidgon, Wheeler loves football, giving her another way to mesh with the student body considering Memorial is known for the Dog Pound at football games. At Memorial’s homecoming game against Edmond North High School, she is employee of the game.

So far Wheeler has been fitting in well as the head principal and she is enjoying the year. Being involved with the school and emphasizing what Memorial is known for is a mission Wheeler plans to accomplish.

“It’s been a really great start to the year, the staff and the students, all the energy, I can feel it and it is a very positive vibe right now,” Wheeler said. “We have so many traditions here, and the students are great, I want to highlight that.”

With the year starting off strong, Wheeler is continuing to prove to students that she is willing to make the most out of Memorial.

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