Welcoming Memorial’s newest math teacher


Miller Davis

Math teacher Kaler Campbell

Ryan White, Staff Writer

Every new year brings unique opportunities, and 2023 is no different. Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) is always changing, and this second semester is no exception. During winter break, some of the faculty left Memorial, which resulted in EMHS going back to the hiring market. After much consideration, EMHS finally landed on Kaler Campbell. 

Campbell was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, and attended EMHS as a student. Campbell’s mother, Carol Campbell, is also a teacher at Memorial who teaches English I and Special Education. During high school, Campbell loved learning about math and science, and that love for school would eventually carry on later in his life. Afterwards, Campbell decided to go to college at Oklahoma Christian University

 “At Oklahoma Christian University I started out studying the Bible because I’d been very active in my church and thought I’d use that to go down a non-profit route,” Campbell said. “But I always missed math and science, so my senior year I switched to mechanical engineering. Eventually I ended up with a degree that was kind of a mix of the two.” 

After college, Campbell began working for a non-profit called Lilyfield in their EmpowerOKC program, which is a prevention project that serves children and families at-risk of involvement with the foster care system in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. 

“When COVID-19 shut down Oklahoma City schools, EmpowerOKC had begun a remote learning site for some at-risk children in south Oklahoma City. They had a place to go where we could assist them in staying in attendance with their virtual classes and to assist them with their schoolwork as needed,” Campbell said. “As they returned to in-person schooling, I became the person in charge of their after-school programs where we taught children social-emotional skills.” 

Campbell helped with students’ math assignments on a daily basis and loved helping students learn how to solve complex problems. Ultimately, Campbell used that passion for math and applied for a position in the district. 

“I had applied to a couple of other math positions in the district, and the job I’m now in became available at the exact time. I interviewed and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to accept the position,” Campbell said.

Even though the second semester has just begun, Campbell is hoping to make a lasting impact on all the students he teaches and to continue helping others for many more years to come. 


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