New years brings a new debate teacher


Miller Davis

Oklahoma History and Debate teacher Sara Nichols

Adam Mohammed, Staff Writer

As the second semester starts, students at Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) are being introduced to new peers, classes and teachers. One of these fresh faces is Oklahoma History and debate teacher, Sara Nichols. Nichols just graduated from Oklahoma State University this past semester and has high hopes for the rest of the year.

“I actually did my observations in the spring here, and then I student taught with Matt Cutaia in the fall,” Nichols said. “I just absolutely loved Memorial and fell in love with the faculty and everything here.”

 Nichols already has experience at EMHS, and it’s quickly paying off for her. Nichols has only been teaching for a short while and is already warming up to her new classes.

“They’re really great. I have freshmen so they’re a little crazy, but they’re fun,” Nichols said. “I also have debate, which is even crazier but also super fun.”

Classes can be a struggle for anyone to adjust to, especially for a brand new educator, but Nichols is quickly adapting to it. One thing that was unique to her was the debate class.

“I’ve never actually done debate as a student or teacher so I’m kind of learning as I go, but I’m excited for all the tournaments and things like that,” Nichols said.

Debate is an involved and intricate class that’s not easy for some. Despite this challenge, Nichols is certainly eager to learn and help the team succeed this semester. 

“I know the kids really wanted to revamp the team, and I really want to make it a good semester for them,” Nichols said.

It’s understandable for teachers to want to see students flourish, especially in something they’re passionate about. Part of that role is establishing a comfortable classroom environment.

“I really like to push out the open door policy that kids can come in here and hangout,” Nichols said. “I always want my room to be a safe place to come to.”

Though she’s starting in the second semester, Nichols is already having a great start to her teaching career and is looking forward to a bright future with the Bulldog family at Memorial.

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