Mr. and Miss EMHS have been crowned



The nominees of the Mr/Miss EMHS award are chosen by faculty members every spring.

Adam Mohammed, Staff Writer

As the 2022-2023 school year is coming to a close at Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS), students are being recognized for their hard work through various awards. On April 7, the Mr. and Miss EMHS award ceremony was held alongside a spring sports pep rally. This award is given to two seniors who are nominated based on their hard work and dedication to being a model student at EMHS. 

“It is simply recognizing young men and women who have shown that they love this school and are committed to representing it well,” Student Council (StuCo) adviser Jeff Lovett said.

The nominees were all students who devoted themselves to school activities and extracurriculars over the years. For instance, senior Mia Lashley has been involved in the choir program for four years, and starred in this year’s musical as Janet Van De Graaf. Senior Braden Kargl has also been Spike the school mascot for all four years. The winners of the award  are Senior Class Representative Daniel Wilguess and StuCo Decoration Chair Ryley Watkins. Their commitment to the school has lasted through almost their entire high school careers.

“I remember watching this assembly as a freshman and was completely in awe of all of the involvement of those students,” Watkins said. “So much so that it encouraged me to participate in school organizations.”

This award signifies great achievement and devotion to EMHS. To be crowned, a student must first be nominated by staff members, then both the faculty and student body receive a list of the nominees and vote for who they believe is the most deserving of the award. 

This year’s nominees were nothing short of incredible. The fact that they were selected by the faculty members at EMHS speaks volumes about their character and what they stand for,” Lovett said. 

Once the votes have been tallied, an assembly is held in honor of the nominees. Each of the nominees walks across the gym with a partner of the opposite gender as the pair’s achievements are read aloud.

“I was not expecting to win because everyone nominated was so wonderful,” Wilguess said. “It was great to win and be recognized for being all that EMHS represents.”

Though all 14 nominees had a long list of accomplishments, Wilguess and Watkins were the ones to take home the titles of Mr. and Miss EMHS. The two are overwhelmingly grateful to be ending their high school careers with this once in a lifetime achievement.

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