Learning the art of podcasting


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Podcasting has grown tremendously in popularity over the last ten years, and it does not look like the art of listening and making podcasts will stop anytime soon.

Ryan White, Staff Writer

Over the last decade, podcasting has become a major source of entertainment for many people. The art of podcasting seems fairly easy when listening to podcasters like Joe Rogan from the “Joe Rogan Experience” or other successful people, but in reality, podcasting is extremely hard to do. Sitting and talking by yourself for an hour is not only tiring, but you have to maintain a level of enthusiasm throughout the podcast’s whole duration to keep listeners engaged. So, the question is, how do you successfully create a podcast?

The first step in starting a podcast is obtaining an app or software that allows you to record yourself. Using a phone or computer is preferable. Having a computer has many benefits because most computers come with video editing apps already installed, which will allow you to record, edit and then upload content for free. Using these apps will also help give your podcast more character and set you apart from other peoples podcasts. 

Next, you need a microphone; while they are not completely necessary, if you really want to distinguish yourself from other podcasts, having a microphone will provide a clear and crisp quality of your voice. Most microphones on Amazon and other websites can range from $20 to $300. I recommended starting out with a cheaper one and then gradually trying to purchase a higher quality one. Again, having a microphone is not necessary, but it will help take your podcast to the next level. 

Thirdly, you need a camera. Now, you do not need to have a high quality camera by any means, but you need to have a camera that allows for the audience to look at you and know who is talking. When recording yourself, make sure you are using a program or software that allows you to edit and cut unnecessary pieces out of the show. 

Finally, knowing how to entertain the audience is crucial. The audience needs to remember you, so when you are filming a podcast make sure you leave a mark on viewers. People do not want to watch or listen to someone who is speaking in a boring, monotone voice; instead they want someone with some tenacity that knows how to captivate an audience. Learning how to will not only boost your confidence, but also create more conversation for viewers to talk about you and what you said about a certain topic. 

Granted this will all take some time to learn, but as you keep uploading and believing in yourself, not only will your views and followers grow, you will grow as a person. So give podcasting a chance and upload it to YouTube or Spotify, and enjoy the ride.

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