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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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Meeting Mr. Mock

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New sophomore Vice Principal, Lance Mock, joins the bulldog family

As the new year comes around at Edmond Memorial High School, students and staff are welcoming a fresh round of teachers, one being the new Sophomore Vice Principal, Lance Mock. 

Mock was originally from the small town of Altus in southwest Oklahoma, where his family had spent generations and was raised there until he graduated high school in 2008. Soon after, he left his hometown to go off to college at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education for Science and Social studies. Following graduation, he began his career at Cheyenne Middle School.

“I taught science and social studies for some combination of 11 years,” Mock said. 

The main inspiration as to why Mock joined education was because of his teachers, who were all impactful and very influential on his choice. Mock decided that he wanted to pursue the education field as either a teacher or the possible opportunity of a higher position. While none of his family is or has been in education, they heavily supported his choice, which drove Mock to seek teaching as a passion.

“I always had a lot of respect for my teachers. I had a lot of great teachers growing up so it kind of influenced me to want to also follow and do the same,” Mock said.

After working at Cheyenne for years, he was given the opportunity to attain a higher position and Mock knew it was time to take initiative. He was swift to apply for the vice principal position at EMHS and was heavily supported by his old coworkers at Cheyenne and his family to move up. He was soon welcomed into the Bulldog family as the sophomore vice principal for the 2023-2024 school year. Gratefully, Mock accepted sophomores as his starting grade for the opportunity. 

“I always heard it [sophomore year] was a great middle ground,” Mock said. 

When he heard all of the good things about EMHS, Mock knew that it was a transition that would change his life. Jumping from middle school to high school is a big change but Mock is now learning all that he can about EMHS and is working his best to meet and become accustomed to all his new coworkers and students. 

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About the Contributor
Jordan Graham
Jordan Graham, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Hello! I am Jordan Graham and a senior here at memorial. I am currently one of the Co-Editors and a fourth year journalist for Ruff Draft! Outside of school, I am an Eagle scout and have a love for drawing and all things art. I’m excited for my last year in Newspaper and look forward to this amazing year.