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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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David Pehrson: The voice of Memorial

Macey Thaxton
David Pehrson greets EMHS students every morning with a smile

Edmond Memorial High School has many opportunities and activities to offer that make it feel like a community rather than just a place for education. One of these is the EMHS Student Council, which is responsible for many of the events organized throughout the year, such as Swine Week. Among these, STUCO has started voicing the morning announcements each morning, and one of the STUCO members who took on this daunting task is David Pehrson, who spreads school spirit every morning with his energy and theatrical voice performances.

Every morning, Pehrson’s energetic spirit wakes the student body up and makes the announcements more engaging to everyone listening. 

“He is just amazing and brilliant, and he has such a positive and energetic personality that is kind of infectious,” STUCO Co-Adviser, Elanna Dobbs said. 

Life is full of opportunities and becoming a STUCO member is one of them. Pehrson took full advantage of this opportunity and his desire to create school spirit both in and out of school. 

“I wanted to make a difference and thought it would be fun,” Pehrson said. “Being able to do Swine Week and raise money for a good cause is one of my favorite parts about being involved with STUCO.”

The announcements are not only a good way to encourage school spirit but also to inform students of important events and dates coming up at school. It also allows a way for students to interact with their peers and gain a leadership role.

“My favorite part of doing the announcements is the ‘Gooood morning Bulldogs’ because it’s fun to do, and I like talking in an announcer voice,” Pehrson said. 

Student council not only helps students take on a leadership role but also teaches them to stay on top of important tasks to keep school events running smoothly. Pehrson keeps up with these expectations as one of the key members.

“David is a great STUCO member,” Student council president, Sydnee Seat said. “He always does what is asked of him and shows character by doing the right thing even when nobody’s watching.”

High school presents many opportunities for students who wish to take on leadership roles, and becoming a member of STUCO is one of them. Students like Pehrson have taken this opportunity to become more involved in their school community, making a lasting impact. 

Every morning, students are welcomed to school with the energetic and spirited personality of Pehrson. Students stay informed and involved thanks to Pehrson. Being the voice of Memorial, he greets students over the announcements each day. With Pehrson serving an active role and performing the morning announcements, he brings the Bulldog attitude to school every day.

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Emma Eischeid
Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Emma Eischeid and I am a junior. This is my second full year writing for the Ruff Draft staff as a staff member. I joined the newspaper as a freshman because I wanted to try something new and I'm so glad I did. My favorite articles to write are either news or features. In my free time, I love to drive my Jeep, go fishing, and spend time outdoors.

Macey Thaxton
Macey Thaxton, Co-Editor-in-Chief
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