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The student news sites of Edmond Memorial High School.

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Joey Gottshall: Freshman on the rise

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Joey Gottshall is a freshman this year on student council.

Many student council members are widely known for their school spirit and outgoing personality. One of those members is freshman Joey Gottshall. From receiving sponsorships to working long weekends to decorate for Swine Week, his dedication shows.

Gottshall is responsible for making many Edmond Memorial High School events happen. He helps out on events like the Hog Jog, 25K in a Day, Valograms and many more. He plans to continue in StuCo for future years as well. As a freshman, he is making an impact on EMHS by contributing to many early Swine Week fundraisers. 

 Sophomore StuCo member Jonas Lawrence works alongside Gottshall day-to-day and sees his contributions. Lawrence is one of the spirit chairs and runs student sections and assemblies for EMHS.

“Joey is a freshman representative, so he does (varied) things for StuCo like raising Swine Week money and helping with events,” Lawrence said.

Despite being a freshman, his contributions are crucial to the success of Swine Week. Gottshall calls companies to help fund EMHS and to receive sponsorships. By being involved, he has greatly helped EMHS on its journey to raise money for charity. 

Elanna Dobbs, the head of StuCo and freshman English teacher, has watched Gottshall change into the person he is today and has many positive things to say about him. 

“He started off with a bang and has just been the absolute best,” Dobbs said. “Coming in as a freshman, there is no way that he could possibly improve.”

Gottshall has proved that he gives his all to StuCo, and dedication has gained him recognition from his peers, and adviser. He also mentions his work ethic is required, especially putting in the required decorating hours. His daily life also comes into play while being in StuCo.

“You have to be very good at time management, and you can’t have a lot of distractions,” Gottshall said. “I have always had a good work ethic; it’s just been tested a lot.”

Despite all of the distractions and business of his daily life, Gottshall remains true to the core values of Swine Week and gives it his all. He also provides insight to EMHS students and staff to go all out to show school spirit during the fundraisers and dress up days of Swine Week. This will be his first Swine Week with the theme being Back In Swine. Overall, Gottshall remains an important member of StuCo and a helpful contributor to Swine Week.

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Grian Foley, Contributing Writer
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