A new member of the Bulldogs

Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

This year, a new round of teachers, staff and students have made their way into the Bulldog family, one being the new counselor, Catherine Earnest. 

Earnest always wanted to work as a counselor, even when she was a kid . Whether it would be community counseling or for a school, she aimed to help the people around her. Her mother played a big role in her choice to follow her dream career.

“My mom was a counselor. She was a teacher when I was growing up, and she became a high school counselor my senior year,” Earnest said. 

When Earnest graduated from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, with her masters and bachelors degree, she sought out Edmond Memorial. Since she had come from the state of Oklahoma, Memorial was her best option. She aimed to counsel an older crowd since it would be easier to have more mature conversations.

“I did one semester in middle school and it was a little bit miserable, so little kids aren’t my thing,” Earnest said. 

Earnest is truly excited about how the remaining years of her work will be. With passion and determination, she is striving to be the best counselor she could be. 

Earnest is hoping to watch many students grow and learn to be successful adults and make accomplishments. She plans to retire as a counselor and would love to stay here as long as possible. 

“Hopefully I fall in love with Memorial and stay here forever,” Earnest said. 

With her family influence, passion, and drive, Earnest is ready for what is in store for her here at Memorial. 

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