“Free Guy” frees the box office


Makinzy Todd, Staff Writer

What would happen if the life someone believed they were living turned out to be completely false? The movie “Free Guy,” released Aug. 13 answers this question through the life of a video game character. While this is a unique concept, the outcome was slightly disappointing. 

The movie made $241 million in the box office and continues to gross more.

The film takes place in the video game “Free City,” and features Ryan Reynolds as the main character, Guy. The film follows Guy slowly beginning to understand that he is in fact a video game character while grappling with reality and a new love interest.

In a chance of fate, Guy meets Molotov girl, (Jodie Comer), a video game player. Her actions lead him to the realization that everything is not what it seems. This discovery then unravels the game and unveils that the video game maker, Antoine (Taika Waititi), is not who he appears to be.

Throughout the movie Reynolds plays the role of the funny and clueless video game character. This made the movie entertaining; however, it didn’t feel original. 

Although the movie was enjoyable and followed an entertaining plot, it was essentially like every typical Reynolds movie. There was the classic comedic relief that was thrown in a majority of the film: the typical love interest that is the complete opposite of the main character and then at the end the main character that finally comes to a realization about who he actually is.

Even though the comedy was repetitive from past Reynolds movies (“Deadpool”, “The In-Laws” and “Ted”), the acting shown from the cast made the film amusing and worth the watch if one likes sarcastic humor.

As the movie was mainly based in the video game, the special effects were a very important factor in the success of the film, and they did not disappoint. There were multiple times throughout the film that they made the unrealistic appear completely plausible. This helped the believability of the movie and led to a more enjoyable plot despite its cliche. 

Overall the movie, although predictable, was entertaining and featured a good plot, and I would recommend to one who enjoys a couple hours of comedic relief. 

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