The incredible Ingrid Olstad


Ingrid poses at the pool in her competition suit.

Bridget Nye, Staff Writer

There are many students in Edmond Memorial High School that are involved in multiple clubs. Taking part in activities at EMHS can help many make new friends and feel more involved with the school. One person who is actively involved in the school is junior Ingrid Olstad. 

Olstad loves to be a part of as many things as she can. She is the French Club Historian, working with others in the club to make sure everything is on track, as well as taking pictures of what members are doing to keep records for the club. 

“I enjoy being able to capture the memories from the year as the French Club Historian with pictures and planning the activities with the other officers and Madame Whittington,” Olstad said. 

Another part of Olstad’s busy day is orchestra class. She has played the cello since she was in middle school and enjoys that she can express her creativity with people that share similar interests. 

“My favorite part of the Symphonic Orchestra is how I get to play in an environment of other musicians that enjoy it as much as I do,” Olstad said. 

The activity that Olstad is the most recognized for is being a part of the swim team. She has been on the Varsity Swim Team since her freshman year and is the Junior Girls’ Captain. 

“I chose Ingrid as junior captain because of her work ethic. She is a hard worker and is always there for her teammates no matter who they are,” Memorial Site Coach Mahlik Davis said. 

Olstad is a very caring and enthusiastic teammate. When practice is hard she sees it as a challenge not something to bring her down. She always is leading an example by showing how to act in and out of the pool. 

“I love being Ingrid’s coach because of her personality, attitude, and her work ethic,” Davis said. “Where Ingrid doesn’t always do it the right way I can count on her to attempt it and I trust that she has done what was asked of her to the fullest extent of her ability.”

Olstad has grown since being on the swim team. She has come out of her shell in the last three years. Whether she is in the classroom or at practice she is trying to make others happy.

“I’ve known her since middle school. She’s always been an uplifting person. I’ve never heard her say anything that wasn’t positive, she finds the best of everyone and everything,” junior Grace Long said. “I think throughout the years she has found her and improved her confidence in every area of her life.” 

One struggle for Olstad is being able to have enough hours in the day to finish everything that needs to be done. But she pushes through the tough days by keeping working hard and taking it one step at a time. 

“The hardest part is being able to be conscious after hard practices to finish homework well, and studying for tests the next day is a real struggle,” Olstad said. 

As for what comes next for Olstad, she has a few things in mind. She will continue to play the cello no matter where she goes and is hoping to swim in college if the opportunity presents itself.

“I am interested in getting a Bachelor’s degree in stage performance with my cello and use that to my advantage in getting into the film music industry,” Olstad said. “Or possibly swimming for the Coast Guard Academy and earn a degree in communications and translation.”

Olstad is someone who has taken advantage of many aspects of the school. She has been able to explore her interests and figure out what she wants to do in the future.

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