Taking on Techno


Caroline Goza

The Senior Techno group preparing for their upcoming performance.

Makinzy Todd, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 9, Edmond Memorial High School held their annual Techno Assembly and Techno Dance as a part of Swine Week. During the Techno assembly each grade has a group of students that perform a dance choreographed by the cheer and pom girls of the group, and then at the very end each grade decides who had the best dance by vote of the loudest audience. The dance itself was held after school and was open to all students who either had the night time wristband or paid 10 dollars. 

The assembly, hosted by Seniors Allie Clift and Jaden Scamehorn, started off with a performance by Act II singing the National Anthem. This was followed by the classic, “Can you dig it?” to hype the students up for the assembly.

“My favorite part was the ‘Can you dig it,’” Clift said. “Jaden and I planned the ‘Can you dig it?’ to go to the music and practiced it about a million times. In the end it lined up perfectly and was amazing.”

Memorial’s drum line then performed with all of the Techno groups to put their heads in the game and prepare for their upcoming performances. They were also including the crowd and the Special Education students, a favorite part of the assembly by some of the student body. 

“I loved when the Special Education students got involved in the assembly and with all of the Seniors in the very beginning,” Senior Camren Gregory said. “When they started dancing with all of the Seniors it was very heartwarming and made the assembly feel very inclusive.”

After the opening part of the assembly, they moved onto the the Freshman Techno Dance. The Freshmen, or “freshmeat,” are naturally the grade that is picked on the most and boo’d the loudest; however the student body was surprised by their participation and spirit.  

“The Freshmen definitely did better than I thought they would, considering they have never participated in a Swine Week before,” Junior Paige Mcguire said.

Compared to past years, the Sophomores were a lot more interactive with the crowd and put more effort into their performances. They have yet to have a normal Swine Week; however they still kept the hype according to Senior Madison Rightmire.

“I was honestly surprised by the participation from both the Freshmen and Sophomores,” Rightmire said. “In my opinion the Sophomores had the best dance and just overall outperformed my expectations.”

Gregory didn’t think that the Juniors lived up to the expectations compared to past years. Their dance consisted of a majority of TikTok sounds and dances that can be found just by opening the app.

“Obviously the Seniors won, but I think the Juniors underperformed,” Gregory said. “They definitely could have done better, especially considering they had an actual Swine Week their Freshman year.”

Lastly came the Seniors’ performance and as per usual, the Seniors won the Techno assembly. The Senior dance automatically has an extra additional minute and this year they included confetti bombs and a Seniors sign that they showcased around the gym floor.

“This year’s assembly was 100x better than last year.” Clift said. “Having a packed gym makes the energy in any assembly so much better, especially Techno.”

The after school Techno dance tends to be a student favorite, and for Senior Lillian Banks, it did not disappoint.

“The Techno dance is on a different level compared to other school dances,” Banks said. “It’s much more wild and exciting. The vast majority of people there dance their hearts out the whole time, and I don’t know another dance that has nearly as much participation.”

Now that the middle of the week assembly is over, students are in preparation for the final assembly that will now be held when the student body returns from Spring Break on Monday, March 21.

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