Dogpound #1


The Dogpound has unmatched energy.

Ian Humphreys, Staff Writer

Recently, the Edmond Memorial High School student section (The Dogpound) was rated the predicted number one student section in Oklahoma. This not only applies for the student sections at our football games, but for other sports including basketball and volleyball.

No matter what sport it comes to, a great student section has to be large and provide energy to the game.

The student section brings an extra dynamic to our school’s games,” senior drumline member Ben Lin said. “They amplify how the entire home crowd reacts.”

While The Dogpound mostly helps our team, sometimes things can become too rowdy, or even lose energy. The score of the game can signify what level of energy the students use.

“The student section can help and hurt our team depending on how we are doing,” sophomore quarterback David McComb said.

The Dogpound is known for taunting the other school during the game. With chants like “We can’t hear you” when the other school chants and “You cannot do that” when the other school’s team commits a flag.

The student section can lose energy in the second half of the football games, but Memorial’s drumline saves the day by performing right in front of them during the third quarter, to restore the atmosphere that The Dogpound is known for.

“I love seeing the energy return to the student section,” junior drumline member Nathaniel Stephens said. “I like to know that I am having a direct impact on the game.”

Being ranked number one means a lot for the school. With a population nowhere near schools like Broken Arrow High School and Union High School, being above them is a huge accomplishment.

“I love how involved everybody is,” Lin said. “Every student seems to be having a great time.”

Tons of energy, participation and enthusiasm definitely contributed to The Dogpound’s number one rating, but their consistency is what put them on top. Since this is still early in the football season, Memorial is excited to attend and cheer on our team as they go up against other schools in the state.

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