College conversations at our campuses


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Students are given the opportunity to discuss future college options.

Emma Eischeid, Staff Writer

Colleges such as Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma University, the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma Christian University, and many other private and public schools have often visited high school campuses such as Edmond Memorial High School. Universities such as these come to the high schools to talk about enrolling and the many things the specific school has to offer. 

Kids are given the opportunity to examine their education options and further explore the possibilities offered. It never hurts to learn as much as possible about their education path and be as prepared as possible. 

This is a great resource and should be taken into consideration by individuals who are planning to attend a university. Educational planning can often be intimidating, but having the chance to talk to someone from the college about the available options is something that can make the often confusing and burdening choice, a much easier and smoother decision. 

Some may be unsure if a certain degree is an option, and talking to an advisor about the issue can often clear the mind and help make better, more prepared decisions. Even if it is eventually decided that college is not a part of the plan, it is best to know all the available options and thoroughly investigate each one before making the decision. 

For students who are unsure of their future education path, or want to learn more about the school they plan to attend, they should consider speaking with the representative of their college of choice. Speaking with them about their education to make sure they make the best decision possible. 

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