Bulldogs’ football losing streak is over


Miller Davis

Memorial and North go head-to-head.

Macey Thaxton, Staff Writer

Friday, Sept. 9, marks the Edmond Memorial football team’s (Bulldogs) first home win in the new stadium, built a little over four years ago. Memorial hosted an exhilarating game Friday with homecoming, Edlam (Edmond’s version of Bedlam),  and the chance of beating North (Huskies) all looming in the air.

Only two plays after the start of the game, running back Rhett Winchester, moved for the first down, clearing the way for the first touchdown of the game. After a little over one minute in, Kiefer Mullins scored the first touchdown of the night. Only a few minutes later, Mullins scored his second touchdown of the night.

“The first few touchdowns kind of just solidified our chances of winning. We were playing good, playing like ourselves,” Mullins said.

Just after the turn of the first half, the Huskies scored their first touchdown making the score 14-7, with the Bulldogs still in the lead. Not too long thereafter, Mullins scored again, making this his third touchdown of the night and increasing the score to 21-7 after a successful punt. 

Unfortunately, there was a series of unsportsmanlike conduct for the Huskies that followed a turnover on down for the Huskies, a North player pulled the helmet off of Winchester. The North player received two personal fouls for illegal contact and facemask. 

After the personal fouls, tight end Carter Moore scored the fourth touchdown of the game bringing the final first-half score to 28-7. However, just before the end of the first half, Varsity Football Captain and 2022 Homecoming King, Camden Peck, suffered a break to his third and fourth metatarsal bones in his foot.

“It’s a trade-off that I would rather have the other end of, but it’s okay, I’ll be back soon,” Peck said.

The halftime show entailed performances from Memorial Pom and the Bulldog Band. The game resumed after the half. The Huskies saw their opportunity to score some points and took their chance, scoring two touchdowns in the first half of the third quarter. 

However, the Bulldogs came back with a touchdown by linebacker, Markell Johnson, leaving the final score of the third quarter 35-21. 

Only a few minutes after the start of the final quarter, Winchester made the final touchdown of the game, bringing the final score to 42-21, Bulldogs. With eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, the entire student section started its migration to the field, preparing to storm the field once the timer ran out. 

“We had a plan in place with the administration since the beginning of the season to make sure no one jumped the fence,” Student Council President, Brock Coleman said.

An estimated 800 Memorial students went to Edlam and they all came through for the team. There was already a lot of hype around this game considering it was both Homecoming and Edlam.

“The Dogpound was crazy, there were so many people and so much noise. It really makes it harder for the other team, having that crowd support and that amount of energy,” Varsity Football Captain, Will Morris said.

After the field was cleared of North players, the 800 students stormed the field, meeting the team in the middle to wrap up the night with the traditional swag surf. 

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