Conan Gray slayed his “Superache” tour


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Conan Gray went all out during his performance at OKC’s Criterion for his “Superache” tour.

Adeline Gruen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Singer/songwriter Conan Gray is one of the top indie pop artists of his generation. This summer, he announced that he would be touring North America, New Zealand and Australia this fall after the release of his newest album, “Superache,” on June 24. After a long wait, Okla. fans headed to The Criterion on Oct. 5.

Baby Queen, a pop artist from London, opened up for him with a lot of high energy songs. As she ran around the stage singing her latest hits, “Nobody Really Cares” and “LAZY,” she heightened the crowd’s energy so that they would be ready to scream their hearts out to all of Gray’s songs. Even though Baby Queen is a newer artist, she has started to put her name out there by writing “Colours of You” for Netflix original “Heartstopper,” and opening for Olivia Rodrigo’s “SOUR” tour.

After Baby Queen opened, fans waited with anticipation for his entrance. As they played Taylor Swift and Pink over the loudspeakers, people chanted his name. Finally, to the delight of his fans, he appeared on stage. 

Ever since Gray started in the music industry, fashion has been a big part of his image. He was decked out in an all-black ensemble with his signature platform boots and wide leg pants. He was also wearing a beaded cropped vest which added a whole other layer to his performance. 

Gray started the concert off with “Disaster” which was immediately followed by his song “Telepath.” Since these two songs are some of his more high energy ones, they helped the crowd attain the perfect mood going into the rest of the concert. As the show went on, he performed eight more songs from his “Superache” album, with a few of his earlier works thrown into the mix. Before some of the songs, Gray tried to connect with the audience by asking them different questions, in order to foreshadow which song he would sing next. 

Besides his song and outfit choice, the way the stage was decorated also played a big part into the vibe of the night. Gray went with a simple stage design, with the only notable unique touch being a large heart in the background. As he performed each set, different graphics played inside the heart. During “Jigsaw,” he sings “Then I’d grab the kitchen scissors, and cut myself to slivers, for you.” In order to play into this theme during the set, he had images of silver scissors playing in the background for this song. 

For some songs though, he chose to cover up the heart with a curtain. In order to still make the stage feel magical, he had images projected onto the curtain, making viewers feel more immersed into the performance. During “Astronomy” Gray had images of stars and planets playing on the curtain and he had movie reels playing during his song “Movies.”

Gray put on a fantastic performance and will no doubt continue to do so for the rest of his tour.

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