It’s time for these trends to end


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Some trends don’t belong in the new year.

Kelsi Seltenreich, Managing Editor

The ball has dropped in Times Square and a new year has begun. 2022 was full of ups and downs, and some of these downs brought new trends. After saying goodbye to a memorable year, these are the top five trends that should be told farewell.


5. Dangerous TikTok challenges

From shooting orbeez at unsuspecting people as part of the Orbeez challenge to the NyQuil chicken challenge, TikTok became out of control in 2022. This platform has had risky online dares in years past, but this past year the challenges seem to have become far more well known and dangerous. Attempts at these trends have landed people in jail cells and emergency rooms among other consequences. It is obvious that these dangerous trends need to stop in order to keep everyone safe.


4. Stanley cups

The Stanley cups shot to fame last year through social media and now they seem to be everywhere. The bottles hold 40 oz. and have quality temperature control, but it seems like everyone has them because of herd mentality rather than because they are a neccessity. These cups are like S’wells and HydroFlasks. Just like those bottles, which had their own phases, the Stanley cups’ time in the sun is over. People should keep using Stanley Cups if that is what they truly like, but using the bottle because that is what everyone else does is not a reason the tumbler should enter 2023.                       


3. Ugg slippers

These slippers are comfy and cozy, but they are simply house shoes. They have been popular for several years, but I have seen them the most in recent months. The combo of pajamas and Ugg slippers is comfortable and even a bit cute, but sometimes makes people seem less professional at school or work. Wearing these slippers can sometimes even come off as lazy. In 2023, Ugg slippers can stick around to wear at home or to relaxed outings like sports practices, but not for the public eye at school or work due to the unprofessionalism.


2. Shein and other fast fashion companies

Fast fashion companies are able to manufacture clothes quickly at a cheap price; however, this creates additional waste and supports less than moral labor. The factory workers are underpaid, have long hours, and are penalized ⅔ of a day’s salary if they make a mistake. Fast fashion also leads to overconsumption of clothes and the flooding of thrift stores, which changes the dynamic of fashion trends and eventually fills up landfills. Knowing the harm that Shein causes to both humans and the planet, hopefully more people will ditch Shein in 2023 and simply go with “old fashioned” trends for a more sustainable world.


1. Low-rise jeans

This trend from the early 2000s began its comeback in 2022, and I hope it is not sticking around. Seeing photos of people wearing low-rise jeans with their flat stomachs is disheartening for many and promotes the idea that being skinny matters more than healthy eating. After years of progress in decreasing the amount of body dysphormia/eating disorders due to more awareness and support from celebrities and others, low-rise jeans are reopening the door to a toxic body standard for women of all ages.


From social media to fashion and fads in between, these trends don’t belong in 2023 and hopefully will become a memory of the past.

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