Stanley cups: rad or fad?


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Social Media trends are always changing, but will the Stanley cup be one to stay?

Adeline Gruen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Since the creation of social media, different product trends periodically pop up that completely take over various platforms. In the past, it was sweater vests, scrunchies and Hydro Flasks. Nowadays, whenever someone opens up TikTok or Instagram they will see the newest trend: the Stanley cup. People aren’t suddenly buying up hockey trophies though; these Stanley cups are 40oz tumblers that come with a straw, handle and a hefty $40-$50 price tag. 

These cups began popping up on social media a year ago. However, this past holiday season they started selling out in stores because it seemed like everyone wanted one as a gift. When students came back to school, they started seeing them all over their classes.

“As soon as I came back from break, I saw that everybody had gotten one, presumably as their Christmas gifts, but it just seemed like there were 40 [people with cups] in all of my classes,” senior Ashley Cline said.

But how did this trend even start? Why are they popping up now? Some are saying that it’s because of the unique mug shape but others have different opinions.

“I think it’s just another product trend where you slap a high price on something, and all the sudden everyone wants one,” AP Chemistry teacher TJ Dortch said.

Other than the price tag, the shape definitely has something to do with the cup’s popularity. The handle makes the cup easier to carry and the base of the tumbler easily fits in car cup holders. Also, the cups come in many different colors and can be matte or glossy. 

“I wanted a water bottle that fits in the cup holder in my car so that was my initial reasoning for getting it. That was my big thing because I always have full hands,” freshman English teacher Tara Kelley said.

However, despite their handiness, there are some who see them as a big inconvenience. The handle can be helpful to carry them, but the sheer size of the cup can make it pretty heavy and they are too big to simply fit on a backpack.

“I picked somebody’s up for the first time and it was extremely heavy,” Cline said. “I looked at somebody else’s cup, and I saw that it already had paint scratches on it, which I think is a big no-go. If you’re spending $40-$50 on a cup, it should not be scratched already.”

While the Stanley tumbler is the one making waves, many other companies have similar ones that have the same function in slightly different shapes. YETI and Reduce are just some of the other brands that come at a much cheaper price, only costing around $15-$35. Even though it isn’t what’s trending, these alternative bottles are still recommended by teachers and students alike.

“I would recommend that you don’t just get name brands because they’re popular. You get things that have the same function but just don’t have the name,” junior Brielle McCoy said.

The jury is still out on whether or not these cups will stick around, but with all the other options for water bottles, there will most likely be a new favorite soon.

“People are all materialistic and want expensive things, but I don’t think it’s any better than the cheap one that I got from Target,” Dortch said. “Until someone can prove to me that it is better, I think it’s just going to be a fad.”

Trends are always coming and going, especially due to social media. While Stanley cups may have more longevity, there will most likely be a new water bottle to obsess over in a few years.


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