Exploring Edmond Memorial’s most exciting classrooms

Student Council’s (STUCO) room – The Swine Week shrine

Kelsi Seltenreich, Managing Editor

School is not typically considered the most interesting place. Many students would often rather be hanging out with friends, resting at home or making TikToks than learning how to define indefinite intervals. Luckily for students at Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS), there are some teachers with unique rooms to help students stay awake and involved. Each of these rooms is a student favorite for different reasons, and here they are:


Goppel’s classroom – Oozing with education

Students in Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. Government and Politics know, there is not an inch of blank wall space in Greg Oppel’s room. Many of the decorations help solidify concepts to ensure students succeed in the class, and they also keep people interested. From life-size cutouts of political figures in the southwest corner to the framed declaration of war with the EMHS orchestra on the east wall, Oppel’s classroom has it all.


Kmac’s classroom – Flamingos all around?

Kevin McDonald (more commonly known as Kmac) has an interesting room filled with… flamingos? There are over 20 pink flamingos of all shapes and sizes around his room that have been a mystery to many, an enticing secret that he finally reveals to his AP English Language students every year around March. In addition to teaching English, Kmac teaches AP Seminar, which adds to the uniqueness of his room. The AP Seminar students frequently “decorate” his room for the holidays by hiding plastic spiders around the room for Halloween and moving a plush elf (similar to Elf on the Shelf) throughout the month of December, among other activities.


Student Council’s (STUCO) room – The Swine Week shrine

STUCO spends the majority of the year preparing to make Memorial’s annual charity event week a success, so it is only fitting that their room is made to match. They have decorations from former Swine Weeks in their room, and there is even a mural that was painted by current senior STUCO member Ryley Watkins over the summer. The moment they enter the room it is a reminder of what they are working towards, and they are inspired to keep pushing to make this year the best Swine Week yet.


Mrs. Murray’s classroom – Good vibes only

Natalie Murray’s room makes her students feel welcome and comfortable. The warm colors go together well and she even has a whole section of her room dedicated to making coffee. In addition to the drink station, almost a whole wall of the room has nicely displayed graduation announcements from her former students. This makes her psychology students feel cared for and relaxed and helps rejuvenate them for the rest of their day.


Dortch’s classroom – The “Wall of Notes”

AP Chemistry teacher TJ Dortch undoubtedly brings energy and fun to his classes. In addition to being the home to many of his labs, his classroom also has the infamous “Wall of Notes.” He picks the best student-written notes out of all his years of teaching to put up on that wall. Needless to say, students’ notes from his lessons tend to be very detailed and organized in hopes of making it. His room has other unique features, including small holes in a couple of his ceiling panels from a lab that his students participate in every year. After being greeted by Dortch and his meterstick at the door, students enter a studious but playful environment.


Mrs. Stephens’ classroom – Cozy corner

Melanie Stephens teaches Senior English, Shakespeare and Non-Western Humanities, and her variety doesn’t stop there. She has several couches and even a shelf with fidget toys for her students to utilize. Her room creates a unique and relaxing energy for her students, providing them a safe space. She has lamps throughout the room, illuminating enough that all of the standard classroom lights are off. To top her room off, she has a Keurig and microwave that she lets her students have full access to. Her seniors especially enjoy this break from the normal and feel a breath of fresh air every time they walk through the door.


From relaxing coffee stations to cut-outs of political figures, Memorial has many classrooms to help students have a good time while at school.

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