Mac Miller: Circles

The album cover for

The album cover for “circles’ was selected by Jon Brion who finished the album for Miller after his passing.

Jamison Joyce, Staff Writer

Sep. 7, 2018, rapper Malcolm McCormick, better known by his stage name “Mac Miller,” died due to an accidental drug overdose. In his lifetime, Miller released five studio albums. Nearly two years after his death, his first posthumous album “Circles” was released.

Although the project features the rap elements of his past works Miller displays his melodic capabilities on numerous tracks including “Complicated,” “Blue World” and “Hand Me Downs.” He shows off this new style so much that he hardly raps on the entire album.

Throughout the album, the tone changes from track to track. Some songs have positive and cheerful lyrics while other tracks have lyrics that tell stories of sadness and pain, like “ on “Good News” and “Hands.” 

 The track  “Circles” is titled after the album itself, and The song features lyrics about Miller’s battles with addiction and a soft bass guitar in the background. Miller’s title refers to the continuous cycle of trying to break his bad habits, only for his efforts to be futile in the end.

Tracks two and four have a lighter mood and are far more upbeat songs, including lively beats with lots of synths and peaceful melodies.

The track “Blue World” is the most similar to his old style of music. On the track, Miller raps multiple verses and a hook over an unorthodox hip hop beat.

Miller displays themes of regret and remorse in tracks “Woods” and “That’s on Me” The songs feature lyrics such as “when will you forget my past?” in “Woods” and “That’s on me, that’s all my fault.” in “That’s on me.”

“Once a Day” is the final track and does a great job of wrapping up the album. The song is a combination of all the emotions and themes of the whole album and is a satisfying way to close the project.

Overall, “Circles” is somewhat short and underwhelming as the album is only 49 minutes long, but that is to be expected for a posthumous album. 

That being said, Miller does a great job at engaging the listener with the mix of emotions that spiral around throughout the album. The production and melodies are catchy and creative and stand out because of how different each one is. This album was an enjoyable listen and is highly recommended, especially if you are a fan of Miller’s other works.


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