Memorial archery


The Memorial archery team at The Central Regional Meet.

Jamison Joyce, Memorial Staff Writer

Led by Coach Rick Leath, the Memorial archery team won first place at the central regional meet on Feb. 2.

The students performed well, and this was proven through their impressive performances and  exceptional scores at the meet.

“Bonnie King was Memorial’s top girl archer and Christian Keener was our top boy archer,”  Leath said.

Other students also achieved personal improvement and records at the meet.

“I placed 47th out of 700, there were other students from Memorial who placed higher and I think we did really well,” senior Austin Van Meir said.

Leath has been a long-time contributor to Memorial’s archery team with years of experience.

“I’ve been the archery coach since the team was formed 6 years ago,” Leath said.

The team spent hours training in the weeks leading up to the tournament, by following an effective practice regimen. 

“The idea is to get comfortable with the bow and understand where your point of aim is,” senior Christian Keener said.

Leath is content with the way the archery team has performed this year and has high hopes for the future of the program.

“We had a great team this year from all grades, and I think whoever takes over the team next year after my retirement will have a great team as well,” said Leath.

Ultimately the archery team owes their success to efficient coaching of their coach, training and overall talent. 


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