Robinson Returns

Avery Hamlin, Co-Editor-in-chief

Matt Robinson made a return to Edmond Memorial High School this year as the new Assistant Principal. Previously, Robinson worked as a teacher in the math department, teaching both Algebra I and Geometry for two years before leaving to work as the Assistant Principal at Sequoyah Middle School. 

“I wanted to be an administrator and I had the opportunity when Sequoyah had an opening,” Robinson said. “I was interviewed, got the position, but now I am happily back at Memorial.”

The switch to Sequoyah opened up a new career path for Robinson as he has always wished to be a part of school administration.  

“It’s good to have options at the middle school or high school level and that experience will help me out a lot being at the high school again as an administrator,” Robinson said. 

Working as Assistant Principal at a high school, Robinson’s job revolves around testing, including the PSAT, Pre-ACT, ACT and state tests for different subjects. 

“Curriculum is what I wanted to do because it’s a different experience that will help me grow as a professional,” Robinson said.

Along with his main duties as Assistant Principal, Robinson works with the counselors to organize schedules, which around the beginning of the year is a hard task. 

“If you are reading this in the paper, we are no longer offering schedule changes,” Robinson said.

In all seriousness, Robinson’s job as Assistant Principal at Memorial stretches far and wide between different roles and responsibilities. From scheduling tests to handling schedules, administration is a role only suited for dedication.

 Coming from a family of educators, he found his way into this administrative career with the encouragement of many family members. His first position as a teacher was at Cheyenne Middle School teaching math for three years, then made the move to Memorial teaching math for two years.

“I have always enjoyed math growing up, so I originally became interested in teaching math,” Robinson said. “I have had a lot of great administrators that I have learned from; making the job look fun and appealing, so I decided to go that route.” 

Robinson is pleased to be back as a Bulldog, working with a new set of students in a new position. 

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