Back to the Bulldogs: Ryan McCaul

Makinzy Todd, Staff Writer

In a world of chaos and confusion, everyone is still attempting to live a normal life, and Ryan McCaul is among many teachers who have decided to live a normal life by coming to school amidst the pandemic.

McCaul teaches physical science and special education. On top of all that, he is a football coach this year as well. This is his ninth year of teaching. Although it will be his seventh at Edmond Memorial High School, it’s like he is starting all over again. McCaul left Memorial after six years of teaching to go to North. Now two years have passed, and he’s back to his roots.

“Edmond Memorial just has a really good culture. You see a lot of the same teachers here even from when I was here before,” McCaul said. “I’m not sure if that’s the same at other schools, but it just has a really good spirit.”

Along with teaching, one of McCaul’s passions is football. He began playing when he was seven and has continued on to become a coach.

“It got me where I am today,” McCaul said. “It’s hard to imagine where I would be without it, just as far as having gone to college and actually finishing college and finding something I want to do.”

His inspiration behind becoming a teacher is his mom. She was a special education teacher as well, which made McCaul realize that was what he wanted to pursue. 

“Working with the kids is fun. I think that’s just the whole job in general regardless of whether you are a teacher that likes his job or not,” McCaul said. 

Memorial welcomes McCaul back to school for the second time during the 2021 pandemic year.


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