Alec Benjamin is changing everyone’s attitude with his new single


Anna Baustert, Co-Editor-in-chief

This past month on Aug. 20, American singer-songwriter, Alec Benjamin, released a brand new single titled, “Change My Clothes.” He collaborated on the song with Minecraft YouTuber and upcoming artist, Dream

Dream began uploading Minecraft content regularly to his channel in July of 2019 and quickly became an internet sensation. Releasing his first ever single, “Roadtrip,” back in February, Dream quickly rose in the ranks of music popularity as well. Both Benjamin and Dream began hinting on social media that they would be working together in early July of this year.

The pair have voiced how much work and effort went into creating such a heartfelt song, especially since the song can be classified as one of inspiration. The storyline that is portrayed tells that the vocalist has a large lack of self-confidence. As the song continues listeners can find that it’s based on the vocalist’s desire to pursue some sort of dream. This goal would require him to make a major leap of faith.

As implied through the lyrics ‘I really wanna change the world, but can’t change my clothes / I just lie in bed ‘til the afternoon / Dreamin’ ‘bout the things I wanna do’ shows he feels like he is lacking the adequate amount of confidence to take that leap of faith.

However, later on in the chorus, the vocalist realizes that he can’t accept his absence of self-confidence as his norm. Instead he recognizes that he must work harder to achieve self-improvement. He’s also able to come to the conclusion that it would be better for him to try and fail rather than to not try at all, which is an important life lesson that fans can take from the song. 

Benjamin and Dream have appreciated how much love and recognition the song has received. The song has only been out for two weeks and has already claimed a spot on the daily Top 100 Songs Chart.

Fans are ecstatic to see how both artists will continue to develop their music as well as if the pair will have any more collaborations in the future. Benjamin will be going on his first tour since COVID starting Sept. 14 and has so much more music planned for his fans along the way.

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