Volleyball frenzy

A Memorial volleyball player plays defense in a tough game against Edmond North.

Drew Harmon - Edmond Sun

A Memorial volleyball player plays defense in a tough game against Edmond North.

Olivia Lane , Managing Editor

Though COVID may have made last year tough, Edmond Memorial High School’s volleyball team is still thriving. With winning eight out of the ten games they’ve played this season, the girls on the team are working hard to prepare for tournaments and championships.

“The girls are improving and are looking better everyday,” volleyball coach Natalie Murray said.

Murray believes the girls have tremendous potential for this season, stating that she loves the ways all the team members have passion for what they do.

“Honestly, I see this team in the state championship. I think they have what it takes. They work hard and they have a lot of heart and they don’t quit,” Murray said.

COVID did affect how the girls operated last year, with lots of stress and anxiety around quarantines and becoming sick. This year, the girls are ready to just play for themselves and not worry about how they place.

“Even though there’s still a lot of worry and fear around COVID this year, I feel like last year it was drilled into us a little bit harder all the time,” Murray said. “I feel like this year we’re a little more relaxed, and if someone goes into quarantine we’ll just deal with it and it’ll be okay.”

According to Murray, volleyball is still something that makes each day more exciting for her, and the rest of the season has tremendous potential.

“When we’re in volleyball season the days are longer, but I also look forward to them everyday. [Being in volleyball season] makes the job even more fun,” Murray said.

Along with Murray, junior Grace Van Meir, who has been playing volleyball for nine years, is excited to see what this season brings. Van Meir has been playing for Memorial’s volleyball teams since her freshman year.

“I am looking forward to playing more games with my team and seeing what we can accomplish this season.” Van Meir said. “We have all worked so hard and I can’t wait to see where we go and what we do!” 

Volleyball is an activity that sticks with you, and many of the girls on Memorial’s team go on to play it in college and even beyond, earning scholarships and offers left and right.

Van Meir loves the season and the sport, and wants to continue participating in the future, perhaps when she goes off to college.

“I think I would like to continue playing in the future and find a college that has a really good program that fits everything I need,” Van Meir said.

Memorial’s volleyball team has been working hard and is set up to complete a fantastic season.

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