What hobbies do Memorial teachers have?



One of Colby Connel’s custom shoes that he made and posted on instagram

Ryder Richardson, Staff Writer

Edmond Memorial has some amazing teachers but do the students know what they do outside of school?  They can have some weird, crazy, interesting hobbies, or something one may have never thought about. 

A hobby is anything that is relaxing or requires work that is not considered a job. These are some of the interesting hobbies that the teachers at Edmond Memorial have.

Some didn’t know that Kayla Carlsward, a geometry teacher, likes to sing and dance, she started to dance when she was little and her aunt had her sing at a church. “I like to dance around the house with my 1 year old and husband just to be silly,” said Carlsward. 

Did you also know that Susan Wright has an obsession with calendars? She buys and creates her own and puts them all around her house. 

Photography teacher Lee Davis has quite a few hobbies and interests, like painting, refinishing furniture, golf and reading books about history. 

“I don’t know if all of these actually count as hobbies, but here it goes,” said Davis

Biology teacher Colby Connel used to customize shoes although. He hasn’t done it in a while though.

 “If you look up @centralsneakers on Instagram that’s my page,” said Connel

 He customizes shoes including Nike, Jordan and Adidas. People interested can go look at the shoes he customizes at @centralsneakers on Instagram. 

Chemistry teacher Tj Dortch has a liking for Fantasy Football, where people create their own football team from real life in the National Football League. He has been active into it for 16 years and gets together with all of his friends on Sundays to watch the games together.

Social Studies teacher Dalton Savage has a passion for collecting antiques, specifically political campaign memorabilia. 

Spanish teacher Byron Gutierrez enjoys playing Call of Duty and flag football, and Tyler Sergent likes woodworking. 

These are just a few of the Edmond Memorial High schools teacher’s hobbies. Teachers do more than just teaching, they have unique qualities like everyone else. Imagine all of the other hobbies that your teachers could be interested in.

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